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The Lettuce Curtain

notes and pix from around Monterey County

Nice looking gates and doors in Monterey, CA.


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Soledad in South Monterey County has dueling slogans:  “Where it’s At!” versus “Feel the Momentum.”

I spend a lot of time in Soledad with my “SoMoCoCAT” and “Conexión Comunitaria” work.

Speaking of…starting July 9, we’re offering a FREE Music Video Workshop at the Center for Employment training in Soledad.  The idea is to help local artists promote their work by teaching them to make their own music videos.

Fred Segura of local hip hop recording label,  2Face Entertainment, will be one of the instructors.  Local filmmakers, Juan Ramirez and Eric Palmer who made the acclaimed documentaries, “Concrete Paradigm” and “Letters from Within” will also instruct.

Anyway…Feel the momentum!  because Soledad IS where it’s at!

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I never buy retail if I can help it.  There’s so much good, weird, cheap and free stuff out there, and recycling is good for you.

Check out my other Thrifthound finds.

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On Friday the 13th, Trish Sullivan, the doyenne of the Salinas Arts and Culture scene, and her husband, local artist and musician, Dan Beck, hosted a Wigs ‘n Wine party in their lovely backyard oasis to celebrate daughter Tara’s visit.

We found this below the dunes in Seaside, CA.  It was boneless, rubbery, and entirely organic matter, meaning no rope, plastic, or any other man made detritus as far as I could tell.  It must have been relatively fresh because it didn’t stink.

What is it?

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These pix were taken last week along El Camino Real, the main street that runs through Greenfield, CA.   The El Camino Real is part of the historic road that linked missions and other important sites in early California.

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What is this thing?!

I found it in post-rain tiny pool of water in a cranny in the base of the Sloat MonumentSloat Monument is on Fort Mervine on the historic old Presidio of Monterey.

But what is this fascinating little creature?  It’s transparent so you can see it’s wiggly little innards.  I spent about 20 minutes watching it squirm and float around.

How did it get there and what will happen to it when the water dries up?

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